Network Rail Approved Elevated Troughing - 6 Metre Span RIVVAL

Elevated Troughing Size 1, Size 1a, Size 2

RIVVAL Elevated Troughing has multiple railway certifications including Network Rail and Deutsche Bahn.

RIVVAL have been awarded Network Rail's Supply Framework and Full Product Acceptance Approval for the supply of Elevated GRP Troughing System.

We are also proud to have HR Kilns on board as our only UK stockist and distributor.

With over 2,600,000 meters of troughing installed around the world our product is recognised for it's values of safety, reliability and cost effectiveness in the rail industry.

When installing cable route, rough and topographical difficult terrains are frequently encountered, RIVVAL's elevated troughing system is designed to deliver installation solutions with such issues.

RIVVAL's Elevated Troughing is a high quality engineered multi-functional cable protection system with a comprehensive range of accessories , tailored elements are available on request.

The cable duct is extremely light whilst solid, it is easy to safely install, providing reliable protection for sensitive cable and protecting against outside influences, especially in topographically difficult terrain.

The rugged system allows for all forms of pillar mounting, uneven ground surfaces, slopes, inclines and bends - a maximum of flexibility when it comes to cable protection and ease of safe installation.

Three different variants are available: Size 1, Size 1a and Size 2.

Network Rail


Elevated Troughing Network Rail Approved 6 Metres
Deutsche Bahn


Elevated Troughing Deutsche Bahn Approved 6 Metres